If you are looking for an urgent loan from a moneylender near Jurong district in western Singapore. We have listed the licensed legal money lenders in the Jurong district which can solve your financial problems in a short period.

The money lenders offer several loans depending on the customer’s needs which have a low-interest rates and the process of application is easy and fast. More so, they offer flexible repayment plans for their customers depending on their financial capacity.

Here are among the trusted and licensed money lenders which are used by a lot of Singaporeans and are located in the Jurong district:

  1. OT Credit Pte Ltd

It’s one of the top-ranked Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore which is located in Blk 135, Jurong Gateway Road. They offer attractive rates for loans such as personal loans, business loans, bridging loans, emergency funding, cash advance loans, and entrepreneur loans. These loans are offered to meet clients’ financial wants and needs. Clients who can apply for these loans can either be local or foreign individuals ranging from simple homeowners to business individuals.

For the personal loan, they offer a day approval which can be convenient for your needs and this applies to the other loans. They offer a business loan that can help their client’s business dream to come true, and also they offer cash advance loans for Singaporeans whose applications are fast and hassle-free cash advances.

Advantages of choosing OT Credit

  • Fast application- Its application process is easy and it can take you minutes to be done and requires minimal paperwork.
  • Expert staff- The loan officers working there provide a high standard of professionalism and have the deep knowledge to guide you through.
  • Quick approval- When the loan application is done it’s processed within an hour.
  • Immediate disbursement- After your loan is approved your money is disbursed in your account.
  • Competitive rates – They offer loans with the lowest interest rates that can assist individuals in their difficult moments.
  1. SGP Credit

We offer Personal Loans to make it easier for Singaporeans and PRs to provide for their needs today and carry out their plans for tomorrow. SGP CREDIT Business Loans make it stress-free for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

  1. Fill in an online form that can take you 3 minutes or call.
  2. Loan application results are given to you by a loan officer.
  • Visit their office to sign the loan contract and your loan is disbursed immediately.
  1. Fortune Credit

It has emerged as being of the top 10 licensed money lenders in Singapore which help its customers in their financial crises. Since 2010, Fortune Credit has been viewed as a financial agency that offers friendly, comfortable, and efficient borrowing from its customers. It is located in Jurong East.

They offer loans such as personal loans, payday loans, business loans, and foreign loans. They mostly offer unsecured loans and can loan you up to 6 times your monthly income. They offer loans that have low-interest rates ranging from 1 to 4% and flexible repayment schedules.

The steps involved in applying for any loan are very easy since you can either call or do an online application secondly, you visit their offices to do a consultation with the loan officers, and lastly, you can receive your loan immediately after you have signed the contract.

  1. JeffLee

Whether you are in need of a short-term loan, fast cash, planning for a home renovation, dream wedding, or consolidating your debts, our professional loan specialists at Jefflee Credit will provide you with flexible solutions and personalized service to meet your financing needs.

To apply for these loans you need to follow 3 easy steps which include;

  1. Making an online application form.
  2. Receive your application loan results. It shows the maximum loan you can get and the repayment period.
  • Instant cash disbursement. Visit the Jurong East branch to sign the loan contract and receive the cash immediately.
  1. SGP Credit

It’s categorized as the best private licensed money lender in Singapore, which is located in Blk 133, Jurong Gateway Road. They offer loans such as personal loans, Business Financing Loans, Entrepreneur Loans, and SME loans. This loan helps Singaporeans to provide for their needs and have their plan successfully. Application for these loans is done in 3 easy steps as follows:

  1. Loan Application – submit your loan details through an online application and wait for a response from a loan officer.
  2. Wait for a call from a loan officer who can take you through before one working day
  • Get your loan disbursed into your account on the same day after approval and visit their office to sign a contract.

SGP Credit portrayed its borrowers as honest, trustworthy, and responsible individuals. As a result, it has helped many borrowers in terms of allowing repayment periods to be flexible according to the borrower’s financial capacity.


To sum up, the above money lenders discussed above are licensed and located in the Jurong district in Singapore. These financial money lenders offer different loans which can assist individuals who are within Jurong or outside of it. If you are urgently looking for a loan and you are within Jurong then the above money lenders are suitable for you to visit and apply for the loan.

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