This has always been a question bothering many people on whether to apply for a personal loan or alternative facilities.

If you are worried about applying for a personal loan, either from banks or Licensed Money Lenders, below are the reasons as to why you should cast down your fears:


Personal loans are versatile in nature. What does this mean? Unlike Mortgage, Car loan, and Student loan, Personal loan can be used for any purpose. For instance, you can use it for huge purchases, car repairs, vacation, medical bills, loan consolidation, and so on. You are not limited on how to utilize the money from a personal loan.

Favorable Interest Rates

Interest rates applied to personal loans are more favorable as compared to other loan facilities. Singapore Licensed Money Lenders offer the lowest interest rates. The rate is on reducing balance which makes the cost of loan cheaper as compared to flat-rate loans.

Loan Consolidation

It is the only loan that you can apply when in a financial crisis. It allows one to consolidate several loans especially those with high-interest rates to one loan at a low-interest rate. It relieves you the burden of huge monthly installments thus improving your liquidity position.

Flexible Loan Terms

The loan offers very flexible loan terms. For instance, the loan can be spread into 60 monthly installments, no collateral is required and the loan is customized according to the client’s needs and ability to pay

Why you should trust us?

Affordable loans – Among other Singapore Licensed Money Lenders, our rates are the most favorable. We delight in offering the best to our customers and solving their financial problems. We have facilities for all both high and low-income earners.

Flexible Repayment plan – We customize our loans according to our client’s needs and ability to pay. We ensure that we spread the monthly installments into affordable amounts that is within your means. We also reschedule loans in case of a financial crisis to fit into your budget.

Transparency – All costs involved are communicated up front before signing the contract. Unlike other leading institutions, we do not have any hidden charges.

Simple Processes – Our loan application process is very simple and can be understood by anybody. It involves less paperwork. This makes our turnaround time very fast.

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