Dealing with debt can be overwhelming, especially when facing financial difficulties. Many individuals hesitate to seek help due to fears of judgment or lack of support. However, credit counselling provides a valuable resource for those looking to correct their debt situation and improve their financial well-being. OT Credit, a trusted name in Singapore’s financial industry, offers credit counselling services to empower individuals in managing their debt effectively. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of credit counselling and the comprehensive services provided by OT Credit.

Understanding Credit Counselling:

Credit counselling is a process that helps individuals struggling with debt to better manage and restructure their finances. By providing prompt financial guidance and education, credit counselling aims to improve the financial situation of borrowers and guide them towards effective debt management. OT Credit collaborates with Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS), a local non-profit organization recognized by the Association of Banks in Singapore, to offer comprehensive credit counselling services.

The Credit Counselling Process:

Credit counselling equips individuals with the necessary information and tools to effectively manage their finances. The process includes budgeting education, helping individuals set up a budget that suits their needs and implement it successfully. Credit education is also provided to enhance understanding of credit-related aspects, such as the importance of avoiding minimum payments on credit cards and the impact of interest compounding.

OT Credit’s credit counselling services extend to debt management assistance, which involves negotiating payments with creditors, and financial planning assistance to develop personalized financial plans aligned with individual goals and priorities. Taking proactive steps to address financial challenges early on is crucial, whether it’s missing payment deadlines, relying on payday loans, or paying only the minimum on credit cards. Seeking professional credit counselling from OT Credit can help individuals navigate their financial difficulties effectively.

Services Offered by OT Credit’s Credit Counselling:

OT Credit, in collaboration with CCS, provides a range of services aimed at addressing unsecured debt issues and improving financial knowledge:

  1. Informative Talks on Debt Management:

Free talks on debt management are conducted regularly, covering essential information about debt issues. These sessions guide individuals in understanding the debt management process, negotiating with creditors, and addressing debt problems effectively. Attending these talks is a valuable first step, even if your debt situation is not yet dire, as it can prevent small debts from snowballing into larger ones.

  1. Financial Counselling:

Individuals seeking personalized guidance regarding their financial circumstances can benefit from one-on-one financial counselling sessions. During these sessions, a financial counsellor assesses the individual’s financial situation and provides tailored advice and solutions. Transparency about one’s financial situation is essential to ensure the counsellor can offer specific and relevant advice. OT Credit charges a nominal one-time fee of $30 for financial counselling, which can be waived for those facing financial difficulties.

  1. Debt Management Programme (DMP):

The Debt Management Programme (DMP) is designed for individuals struggling with significant unsecured debts and finding it challenging to fulfill their financial responsibilities. OT Credit, as a recognized Social Service Agency, can facilitate a structured debt repayment plan between borrowers and creditors, including major banks in Singapore. Qualifying individuals may benefit from extended repayment periods and lower interest rates, subject to criteria such as a minimum one-year relationship with the bank and a total unsecured debt of at least $10,000.

  1. Enterprise Credit Counselling Credit Programme (ECCP):

OT Credit also offers the Enterprise Credit Counselling Credit Programme (ECCP) for small business owners facing financial challenges. This program assists business owners in understanding their financial liabilities and obligations, especially if their businesses are no longer sustainable. OT Credit can propose a debt repayment plan under the ECCP to address both business and personal unsecured debts.

Financial Education Programmes:

OT Credit and CCS provide financial education programmes to enhance financial literacy and improve money management skills:

  1. Financial Literacy:

Workshops and talks focused on financial literacy cover topics ranging from making informed choices about loan products, including personal loans, to preparing financially for major life events such as weddings.

  1. Centsible Retirement Programme (CRP):

CRP targets individuals aged 50 and above, assisting them in achieving greater financial independence during retirement. The program aligns retirement projections with available financial resources, enabling individuals to make informed decisions.

Who Should Consider Credit Counselling?

Credit counselling is beneficial for individuals seeking financial guidance and support, regardless of the amount of debt accumulated. Whether you require assistance with debt management, budgeting, or overall financial management, credit counselling can provide practical solutions. While individuals lagging behind on payments or burdened with significant debt can benefit the most, credit counselling is suitable for anyone looking to improve their financial well-being.

Applying for Credit Counselling with OT Credit:

To apply for credit counselling with OT Credit, individuals are required to attend an online debt management course or talk conducted by CCS. These sessions provide in-depth information about debt management and dealing with creditors. After gaining a better understanding of debt management, individuals can submit a Counselling Request Package, including supporting documents such as credit reports, CPF statements, and proof of income. OT Credit will then arrange a counselling session to discuss the individual’s financial situation and provide personalized advice.

Improve Your Financial Health with OT Credit:

While credit counselling is an excellent way to enhance financial management, sometimes additional cash is required to address overdue bills or other emergency expenses. OT Credit offers quick personal loans with flexible tenures and low-interest rates to provide immediate relief. Their friendly loan officers can tailor loan packages to suit individual needs, ensuring effective debt repayment and improved financial health.


Credit counselling with OT Credit offers individuals a valuable opportunity to gain control over their finances and overcome debt challenges. With a comprehensive range of services, including debt management programmes, financial counselling, and informative talks, OT Credit provides the necessary support and guidance to improve financial well-being. Seek credit counselling early to prevent financial difficulties from escalating, and consider OT Credit’s personal loan options to address immediate financial needs. Submit an enquiry today and take a proactive step towards financial stability.

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