Setting up a business comes with a host of requirements. There is a need to source for high quality fixed assets as they are essential to the long term running of business.

The situation in Singapore is no different from what other world counterparts encounter. Procuring monetary funds to getting all business expensed sorted out in Singapore is a major challenge that has killed several businesses. To get your business out of this ditch, you should apply for a business term loan from Singapore licensed money lender

What is a business term loan?

A business term loan is a capital sourced from a bank to be paid back in instalments and with a specialized interest rate. Usually, term loans are paid back within a period of one to five years, depending on what is specified in the terms and agreements of service.

Startups. And existing businesses that are interested in scaling up make active moves in the direction of procuring essentials for the smooth running of their business. Also, there are other aspect of setting up and managing businesses in Singapore that definitely requires a reasonable measure of cash input.

Sadly, raising capitals can be a difficult task for business owners. Notwithstanding, all hope is not lost, Singapore based money lender offers you a solution in the form of a business ter loan to take care of your Singapore based business.

Why take our business term loan offer

We are aware that there are several loan offers open to legal money lender in Singapore. Notwithstanding, you can be sure you are getting one of the best loan deals in Singapore when you approach us. For one thing, we ate fully licensed to grant loans. To this end, you can expect the highest level of professionalism while you deal with us.

To this end, our staffs will always do the following;

  • We are civil when addressing clients and will never act in a way that puts you in an uncomfortable position.
  • We will never request for confidential details such as your singpass ID, password, or any other confidential detail that should only be known to you.
  • We will always be clear about the terms and conditions attached to the loan so you are not left in the dark about any loan detail.
  • We will always exercise due diligence all through the loan-granting process do that a individuals involved would be carried along as the process unfolds.

One thing that scares business from loan application in Singapore is huge loan interest rates. With us, this is nothing to worry about, our interest rate is very reasonable and you can surely meet up with them. With proper planning, you can actually reach your business goals and meet up with our interest rate.


Money is not the most important factor in setting up a business. However, it is very essential to the existence and growth of your business. We are very passionate about the growth and healthy existence of businesses in Singapore. That is why we offer you a business term loan do your business can have a healthy growth.

You wouldn’t want to leave this offer untapped. Start today when you contact us to get familiar with our services.