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Personal Loan

Need a personal loan in Singapore? Outer Trust Credit Services, a licensed moneylender based near J Cube Shopping mall in the west of Singapore, we offers personal loan in Singapore that is a short term loan which ensure that you do not stay indebted for long.

If you need a personal loan in Singapore which gives you instant cash to splurge on that holiday or clear your outstanding expenses, our personal loan in Singapore is a loan that offer the most flexibility repayment term*. Our personal loan in Singapore allow you to take back maximum cash, without any upfront processing fees.

For a personal loan in Singapore which gives you maximum payout and easy repayments, apply online todayor call 62920119 for our customer relation officer’s assistance.

*Outer Trust Credit Services determine repayment terms of a personal loan in Singapore by taking into factors like the borrower’s income and credit standing, thus repayment terms of every personal loan will differ among borrowers.


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At Outer Trust Credit Services, loan for foreigners and expatriates in Singapore is offered as to our preferred customers, who have built up significant credit ratings previously with us.

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Outer Trust Credit Services provides business loans in Singapore that can help you establish the dream business you always wanted to build.

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As our cash advance is a small cash loan in Singapore, the time taken to process our loan through approval is usually less than 1 day, which means you are able to get cash within 1 day of applying for our loan in Singapore.

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We only lend what you can afford to repay. Outer Trust Credit Services are transparent about the cost structure and we’ll keep your fees to a minimum.

Outer Trust Credit Services is licensed moneylender in Singapore

Licence No. 114/2018


Outer Trust Credit Services

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