Foreigner Loan in Singapore

Foreigners in Singapore can apply for loans as long as they are working here. By allowing non-PR and non-residents to get foreigner loans Singapore, these non-residents are then able to survive in the world’s most expensive city.

Indeed, one of the most challenging times for foreigners while working in another country is having to experience a lack of money and having nobody around to turn to for help. Much more if they are working in Singapore, which is known to have a very high cost of living. Good thing, it is easy to avail foreigner loans Singapore without having to wait for weeks or months.

OT Credit, a licensed moneylender in Singapore, offers foreigners immediate source of money in case they do not have money to spend while waiting for the next salary period. Please fill out the online application form and wait for our call. We will help you meet your monetary obligations in no time.

Foreigner loans are like a cash advance and which can be accessed by non-citizens and non-PRs. Whether for personal use or business purposes, moneylenders like OT Credit may help you meet your financial needs while working in Singapore. After sending the application, all you need to provide are the following: work permit, identification card, salary slips, and proof of residence.

Foreigner loan Singapore OT Credit

Are you worried about the interest rates? Foreigner loans Singapore usually have higher interest rates compared to standard loans and for valid reasons. Foreigners do not have properties to serve as collateral for the loan. However, you can always shop around for moneylenders who offer lower interest rates for foreigner loans. OT Credit is among one of those who have reasonable interest rates.

OT Credit also offers short repayment periods. It depends on the amount that you borrowed and your capacity to pay. We know the needs of our clients, that is why we try to treat each customer differently. We base their loan plans on their personal circumstances.

If you require money, send us an application or give us a call. We entertain questions as well regarding your financial concerns. As we said, we do treat our customers in a more personal approach. We make our loan plans based on their needs and capabilities. Are you ready to apply? Call us now on this number. Your financial problems will soon be over.